Tonight At Merlin

Tonight At Merlin


"Over the course of a year, graphic designers Mark Bohle and Raffael Kormann designed posters for all concerts at the music and arts venue Merlin in Stuttgart. The publication “Tonight at Merlin” captures this noticeable collection. For each of the 80 posters, some of which have been awarded internationally, the publication offers an honest glimpse into the visual making-of and the corresponding thoughts behind. Moreover the publication is linked to the bands and their posters, enabling the reader to listen to the corresponding sound while deep diving into the artworks. Three essays by Arne Hübner (booking Merlin, designer and DJ), Niklaus Troxler (poster designer and founder of the Jazz festival Willisau) and “Dass bisschen Totschlag (Brunchpop-Band) contextualise this stimulating symbiosis of visual communication, music and popular culture.

Prima Publikationen, 2020
192 pages
Swiss brochure & Japanese binding
Language: German
21 × 29,7 cm
ISBN 978-3-9821198-3-0

A limited edition fan box with 5 selected Fine Art Giclée prints is available at Prima Publikationen.

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